Sculpture and Art by Artist and Sculptor Bruce Gray

A selection of some of the sculptures, paintings, kinetic art, mobiles and other artworks
across a wide range of styles and themes by Los Angeles artist and sculptor Bruce Gray.

Apparition (43x96x6) is an abstract modern mixed metals wall sculpture by Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray. This 8 foot wide large scale sculpture is made up of various shapes of 3/16 inch pieces in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. This wall mounted sculpture has multiple overlapping levels which create fantastic negative spaces and shadows. This sculpture is part of a series of mixed metal wall sculptures which are archived on our larger website.
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Artist Bruce Gray's modern and abstract sculptures have been displayed at exhibitions at many art galleries and art museums from Santa Monica to Soho and abroad. The Los Angeles sculptor is also well known for his kinetic art which include mobiles, stabiles, gravity defying suspended super power magnet sculptures, and rolling ball machines. Bruce's wide range of sculptures are part of over 1400 private, corporate, and public art collections worldwide, and have also appeared in hundreds of movies and TV shows.

Bruce Gray - 688 South Avenue 21. Los Angeles, California 90031. USA.
Phone: (323)-223-4059. YouTube Channel: Sculptures by Bruce Gray

Paper Plane sculptures by Bruce Gray at Little Rock National Airport
Five of sculptor Bruce Gray's 4 foot long aluminum "Paper Plane" sculptures are hanging, suspended in flight,
in the main lobby of Little Rock National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The robots are made from thick plasma cut 3/16 steel plate. There are seven versions of robots currently available in the signed and numbered "Prime Directive" series. These are table top size at about 15" tall, and can also be ordered in larger sizes.
$300 each.